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Traffic management

Peninsula Link is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between Southern Way and the State of Victoria.

Under the partnership, Service Stream is responsible for managing upgrade and maintenance schedules to ensure maximum availability of the roadway to motorists.

Service Stream performs two types of maintenance work on Peninsula Link:

  • General maintenance e.g. landscaping, drainage works, electrical works
  • Emergency maintenance e.g. accident repairs, inclement weather damage

Maintenance will be scheduled at night and outside of peak periods, including public holidays, wherever possible. Lanes will not be closed during busy holiday periods, except to manage an incident. In the case of a lane closure, variable message signs will be updated regularly to notify motorists of any delays. 

When undertaking maintenance works, Service Stream crews follow a number of safety procedures to protect themselves and road users.

Setting up lane closures

Lane closures and speed restrictions create a safe environment for maintenance crews to carry out their work.

When a lane is closed, a specialist vehicle called a truck mounted attenuator (TMA) is deployed before maintenance works can commence. A ‘caution’ sign on the back of the TMA warns approaching drivers that traffic management crews are working ahead.

The TMA remains in place while the traffic management crew position speed reduction signs and bollards to close lanes. Signs are placed ahead of lane closures to notify drivers that traffic conditions have changed.

Removing lane closures

The truck mounted attenuator (TMA) and speed restirctions remain in place until the road is cleared. 

If it appears that maintenance work has been completed, but the lane remains closed, it is likely that the traffic management crew is clearing the roadway of any remaining signage or bollards before reopening the lane.

Emergency maintenance works may need to be undertaken at any time to ensure the road remains safe for drivers.

Speed enforcement

Victorian Police and the Department of Justice enforce all speed limits on Peninsula Link for the safety of the community. The freeway is monitored by a number of fixed and point-to-point road safety cameras, which are managed by the Department of Justice. For further information, please visit