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Linking Melbourne Authority

Linking Melbourne Authority (LMA), previously the Southern and Eastern Integrated Authority (SEITA), was the State Government authority responsible for managing the delivery of the project on behalf of the State. LMA was disbanded by the Victorian government in 2015.

Southern Way

Southern Way has the contract to operate the Peninsula Link for the 25 year concession. Southern Way harnesses the strengths of Lend Lease to design, construct, operate and maintain Peninsula Link.

Southern Way is backed by fully underwritten financing from debt and equity parties, all of whom are experienced in the analysis, evaluation, ownership, management and delivery of Public Private Partnership Projects.

Service Stream

Service Stream will operate and maintain Peninsula Link for 25 years. Service Stream commenced the Operations and Maintenance phase of the contract with the successful opening of the freeway on 18 January 2013.

Service Stream’s business is a specialist engineering, construction and asset management contractor, responsible for creating, operating and maintaining public and private assets that serve millions of people each day in Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout the 25 year operating concession, Service Stream will be responsible for all maintenance, road operations and asset management on Peninsula Link. The key aspects of this role are:

  • Asset management as the custodians of the Peninsula Link. The assets of Peninsula Link will be returned to public ownership at the end of the 25 year concession. Service Stream will maintain and replace or refurbish assets as required throughout the concession, to ensure that the asset is preserved and will be returned to public ownership in good condition.

  • Routine maintenance to ensure Peninsula Link can be used and enjoyed safely.  Conditions can change quickly in a live environment and Service Stream maintains a 24 hour response team to clear and rectify accident damage quickly and safely. Service Stream also removes graffiti, rubbish and maintains landscaped and grassed areas.

  • Operations and incident response via a 24 hour control room and roadside assistance  service. Service Stream works to ensure that motorists who do need to stop on the side of the freeway are helped to get on their way as quickly and as safely as possible.